“I learned more about money & my relationship with money in one hour with Anne than I did in 30 years. She is one of the most authentic teachers I have EVER worked with.”



The Permanent Prosperity & Business-Building Course: Living A Life of Freedom and Choice

How to Make Money Your Ally and Time Your Friend
Begins the week of February 6th,  2017

Two notable adages come to mind when I introduce the Permanent Prosperity Training. One is familiar, so you have probably heard it: "You get what you focus on". The other may not be as familiar, but has the sound ring of truth: "Debt is the socially acceptable way to punish yourself."

I used to notice that no matter how good I was feeling, a little undercurrent of fear regularly ran through my body when the word money was mentioned. I would try to think positively, but I was really feeling scared! I used to actually wonder if I would ever NOT have that feeling. Was I born with it?

One of the things I did when feeling particularly frustrated or despairing about money issues was pick up a book that I hadn't read — and I had a library of money-related books ... do you? — or go to a workshop. Each time, I hoped the experience would offer the magic insight that would allow me to break through this ongoing issue.

I would walk out of the workshop or finish reading the book feeling hopeful and confident, and then I'd step back into my own world and wonder where all that power and good intention had gone. I couldn't sustain it on my own. I tried to remain positive, while noticing the old familiar feelings of anxiety and fear creeping back into my mind and body. Then I would take out the mental hammer to try to beat back the anxiety and wonder, "What in the world is wrong with me?" I would put more pressure on myself, and suddenly notice that I had stopped breathing. No flow there!

Have you ever had those experiences? Are you committed to creating a worry-free relationship with money and prosperity? Are you ready to experience joyful momentum and a new level of creative expression in your life and your business? If so, I invite you to read on.

The definition of money is freedom!

Once I solved the prosperity problem, I wanted to share this work with as many people as possible so that every person who is willing can choose to step out of this frustrating self-imposed prison and truly begin to enjoy life.

Here's how the program works

If you recognize the truth in the statement that you get what you focus on, you’ll understand why we will focus on prosperity, manifestation, and business building for nine months, three times a month.

You will have the time to practice and integrate the new tools you learn into your life without pressure. Over the years, I have noticed that as I increase the pressure on myself, the more adrenaline rushes through my body and the more tired I feel at the end of the day. Instead of breathing easier, I stop breathing. Over the years, I have also noticed that money and business flow easier when I keep breathing, use my creative genius, and take actions that feel good. Instead of depleting me, these actions increase my vitality throughout the day.

This process is different from thinking about prosperity in your mind but actually feeling fear or anxiety in your body. On the surface it looks like you're focusing on prosperity, but your real focus is on the negative feelings in your body. Because we get what we focus on, this inner turmoil is inadvertently inviting more fear into your life. I struggled within that spiral myself. But have you ever thought about how fulfilling life will be when your money problems disappear or your business achieves a self-sustaining momentum?

The Permanent Prosperity Training will change your life. I designed it to teach you how to accelerate both your personal and your professional life and to give you access to a new level of freedom, choice, creativity, and abundance every day for the rest of your life.

For your convenience, I’ve designed the program to come to you. We meet two times a month in one-hour online conferences that you can do in the comfort of your own home in your own community. Through regular group coaching — supplemented by Internet resources — you will proceed through a carefully developed system that first lays a solid foundation and then gives you the necessary tools for growth and mastery. E-mail and Internet access — are required for program participants.

Here are some of the experiences you can look forward to in the Permanent Prosperity & Business-Building Training.

If you're like me, you've had the experience of reaching what I call an upper limit. For example, you make a certain amount of money and no matter what you do, you can't move beyond that amount. I found that frustrating!

In this program, you learn powerful prosperity practices that allow you to move past that upper limit and create a new personally satisfying level of abundance. You learn how to double and triple your income and continue to achieve significant, sustainable income growth while working fewer hours than you presently work.

We each need the ability and power to turn on vitality while also feeling a sense of inner ease and harmony, so I teach a series of advanced body-mind skills. These breath and movement strategies give you access to an increased sense of organic well-being and centered flow — any time, anywhere, including during a high- pressure business meeting or a critical marketing call.

With these practices, you can cultivate the consciousness and daily habits that promote prosperity and reach the point that they are as natural as breathing. In addition, you can actually learn how to confidently restart the flow of money and creativity when you feel stuck.

“I came to this course last year making $40,000 a year. This year I made $175,000! I can'timagine building my business without Permanent Prosperity.”
- Diane Byrne, Ann Arbor, Michigan

You will be able to sustain this practice on your own and tap into it any time you want.

I am committed to teaching all who are willing how to live in their creative genius 80 percent of the time. I teach a system of innovative business-building tools that allow you to discover and express your creative genius in specific ways that support your financial freedom.

You learn to enhance your creative output and outreach so you can serve a much larger community of people and make an even more valuable contribution to the lives of your clients. You can advance your business into a trajectory of sustainable, manageable, and joyful momentum.

No matter how much money you make, a personally satisfying business and a blissful life depend on smooth, harmonious relationships, so I also teach a set of life-enhancing transformational relationship tools that increase the ease and joy of relating to others on both the professional and personal levels. These life-changing skills allow you to eliminate blame, dissolve conflict, build commitment, and increase the spiral of appreciation in all aspects of your life.

It is my intention to train as many civilian philanthropists as I can in my lifetime. Consequently, you gain access to a community that supports your growth and your genius and accelerates your learning. Your participation in the community comes through our internet contact and posting your assignments in the private Facebook group. It’s a great place to ask questions and get feedback. I check in there several times a week.

No matter what your profession, you face the challenge of bringing your work to the greatest number of people while maintaining a balanced, joyful life of your own. You need freedom, time, and energy to focus on your own creative expression, yet you may feel that the escalating demands of your personal and professional life consume the very energy you need for creative growth. The Permanent Prosperity course will show you exactly how to meet that challenge creatively and recapture your time.

If you are looking beyond the traditional approaches to business building and money, if you want a business that feeds your spirit as well as your bank account, if new ideas excite you, and if you want to create money as a consistent source of freedom, ease, and plenty, please email me at anne@beyondbusinessasusual.com. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you make an informed decision about the Permanent Prosperity course.

The Permanent Prosperity Training is six months and costs $1350. It’s $175 a month with a $300 registration fee (deducted from the total fee) to cover a preliminary foundation session and the Internet-downloadable materials you will receive during the program. Once you register we will set up your recurring payment for the 6-months.

The program begins the week of February 6th.

To read what our clients say about us and to find out more about our company, please click here.

“I have taught and taken hundreds of seminars and workshops. Taking this workshop burst the long-held belief that to be deep and make a difference, it needs to be long hours. This training went to a deep place within me, created huge shifts in the areas of money, abundance, family, relationships and creating more joy in my life!”

– Kathleen Sims Consultant