How to Create Your Own Client Magnet with Soul Vision
and Natural Marketing Style


If you have ever struggled with what to say to prospective clients...

If you want a foundation for every piece of marketing you create...

If you want to consciously create your own electromagnetic field and really be a client magnet...

  • Over the last 15 years, people have asked me how I created Soul Vision. Here's how it all began…
  • I created Soul Vision when I asked people certain questions in the Marketing and Sales workshop I used to teach. All of a sudden they would start talking about what mattered to them in an unedited and incredibly inspiring way.
  • The room would literally stop breathing, with a knowing that was almost euphoric, because someone had gotten to the deep truth of who they are and what they stand for when they're not trying to edit or get approval.
  • In a moment they saw whom they were and what they were here to do. The room would stop. The Resonance would change. And that person would never be the same again...they knew without a doubt what they stood for...even though it had simply slipped out in a "conversation." (Isn't that how the soul works anyway...through the unexpected cracks?).
  • I thought, if "Vision Connects and Benefits Sell," why not create a process where people can express their deeper vision and combine it with the benefits they actually produce with clients?

Collaborating with my clients, we created a format they could use as a concrete marketing piece to send potential clients (or use on their website). What surprised me was how the same format could look, feel, and sound so different, depending on who used it.

Here's the Magnetic part you've been waiting for:

Clients started calling prospects, speaking a tangible, grounded one-liner from their Soul Vision and guess what? People called them back.

Clients turned their businesses around in the middle of a recession and a real estate buyers market!

Soul Vision is the great client magnet because it turns your Marketing into a Gift Rather than a Get.

Every time you speak a part of your Soul Vision, you feel like you're giving the gift of your best self, and you are. Prospects feel your heart. They know when you are real. They know when it's your True Voice. They know. And you know.

It LIFTS your resonance. You feel hopeful! You see opportunity. You change! And the more you speak it the more powerful you feel. Speaking your Soul Vision is generous and personal.

In a high-tech world where people are hungry for high touch,
the more real the connection the more business you generate.

Here's the best news: Your True Self works no matter what the economic climate. It never goes away! It's always inside of you. It is the cornerstone of your marketing whether you are going for $100,000 or a million dollars a year.

And no matter what else is happening you can trust your message because you look, sound, and feel like you and only you! In the end, marketing that works always comes back to that.

And the fun part: once you consistently speak your soul vision, clients come, out of the blue. Unexplainable and delicious, even to the non-believers!

Discover the Power and Magic
of your Natural Marketing Style

“This is the most innovative, profound, and successful approach to professional dressing and marketing I  have found. If you want to be your own image consultant and brand expert this is the place to begin.”

Congruent + Connected + Creative = Confidence & Consistency

Congruent: When the message you send, the website you create, and the clothes you wear, reflect you from the inside out, your ideal clients have no problem finding YOU.

Consistency: When your clothes and your message feel like YOU, it's easy to share what you do and who you are. Marketing feels like a gift you're giving. It's easy to keep in touch and follow up.

Connected: When you connect first to yourself and your message, then it’s simple to connect with your ideal audience. When you feel connected to your True Self and Spirit your connection to them feels easy and real, not forced or contrived. They know the difference, and they respond to you!

Confident: The Dressing & Marketing Your Brilliance principles & tools will make you feel like each part of your expression, from the clothes you wear, to the words you speak, to the website you show the world, are your best presentations of YOU on your very best day.

Creative: The joy of Creativity, Collaboration and Celebration it is what keeps us excited about life and business & keeps money flowing to us.

Professional dressing as a natural expression of who you are.

Create a client magnet with Soul Vision
and Natural Marketing Style.

Contact me to get started.





Welcome to Living Gracefully Free.

marguerite-croptier-marketing-ease-beyond-business-as-usualMarguerite Croptier
Prudential Real Estate
Oakland, CA
Soul Vision is one of the best things I’ve ever done. All of my important marketing materials have come from it. I think it’s imperative that people go through this process with you.beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
zach griffin testimonial about her client magnet experience with soul visionZach Griffin
Mortgage Broker / Branch Manager
LaSalle Financial
Oakland, CA
I am having the best year I have ever had. Finding my vision and speaking my vision was the difference. Starting off I thought, “Okay, yeah, right, speak my vision – these people don’t even know me. I’m sure I was the only person calling with my vision, saying “Look, this is what I’m about, this is how I think business should be, and I want to work with you.” I avoided getting on the phone before because I thought there were already a million loan people calling. But when I called and spoke my vision, people called me back and said, “Yes, I’d like to work with you, too." generating business is not a struggle anymore. After six months of coaching with you I more than doubled my income. After a year it went up another 50% and continues to rise. Getting my vision made me feel more comfortable in asking for business – it was a heck of a lot easier getting on the phone to begin with. I guess the best indicator that my vision works is that I haven’t even made any prospecting phone calls in the last year; business has been mostly referrals from happy clients.beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
maureen murphy testimonial about her client magnet experience with soul visionMaureen Murphy
Oakland, CA
I am celebrating my Soul Vision session which I did recently! I say it's the Breath of Life for your Dreams. I now understand what Anne means when she says ‘Vision connects, benefits sell.

I could really feel the connection of my spirit to my vision. There is a palpable energy in my words now when I speak from my vision statement. When I was ready to deliver I knew the Soul Vision process would be the perfect midwife. Thank you Anne. It was so much fun!beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics