“Just because you're doing business by yourself doesn't mean you have to do it alone.”

– Anne Sagendorph-Moon, Founder and CEO of Beyond Business as usual

Welcome to the Beyond Business as usual
Coaching Program.

~ Reinvent. Reignite. Reimagine. ~

I coach entrepreneurs and emerging leaders who are either inventing something new or re-inventing themselves. I've reinvented myself many times in my life. Sometimes it was exhilarating and sometimes scary. Sometimes I was clear about my next step and other times so confused I cried.

Reinvention of our businesses, our lives, and ourselves takes many turns.

It also takes courage.

Reigniting our income. Creating out of nothing is not for the faint of heart. I've done both: reinvented my business, invented new businesses and reignited my income.

You are in safe hands here. I know what it feels like. Sometimes the scariest place is simply: will it ever come together? Will I ever make money again?

It will come together and you will make money. Best of all you will have a life you love. I did it and so can you.

You might want to know the kind of clients this coaching has worked well for in the past to see if it's a fit for you.

I work with entrepreneurs and leaders from all professions. I notice, the ones who benefit most have a few things in common: New ideas excite them. Coloring outside the lines thrills them. Living a life that feels whole, and fulfilling their destiny is a necessity now, not just a someday-dream. Making money just to make money does not get them up in the morning. Money that frees them up, that sources peace, joy and creativity excites them…they want a business that feeds their spirit as well as their bank account.

laura-basha-beyond-business-entrepreneur-coaching-testimonialLaura Basha, Ph.D.
International Consultant and Fine Artist
Oakland, CA
One thing I always loved about you was that I felt like you had my back. I've had many coaches over time, all very good, but few gave me the feeling of comradeship, like we're in this together.  I think it's one of your gifts to those who choose you.

If you are interested in finding a way to express your true voice in the area of business development, marketing, and/or web presence, Anne's passion, expertise, integrity, and commitment to your success are exceptional. I can highly recommend her as a transformational business coach and as an enlightened educator.
Plus, she's hilariously empowering!beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics

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My programs take a soul-centered, body-centered, innovative approach to bottom-line business building that is effective and long-lasting. I believe in productivity balanced with healthy self-care.

So if...

  • You are in the process of reinventing yourself or inventing something new..
  • You feel you have something powerful to share with the world, but need direction, practical marketing information, and a step-by-step plan from a coach who believes in you (and has reinvented herself more than a few times successfully).
  • You want to double or triple your income, but aren’t sure how to actually accomplish that without working harder.
  • You want a community and connection with other conscious entrepreneurs who support you and are moving in the same direction.
  • You're ready to come out of hiding, Shine in your own right, AND make an income that sets you free.
  • You want a coaching program that supports you being healthy, wealthy, whole, and happy!

Here's what we'll create together...

  1. We'll begin by creating the Art, Heart and Soul of Your Business, Brand and Style. These 3 fundamental steps, Soul Vision, Natural Marketing Style and Dress for Your Future give you the heart of your business and message, the soul of your marketing style and the art of your presentation. It's the brand called YOU. This creates the foundation for your business, your marketing and your online presence.

  2. You'll Find Your Center and Ground Your Business. You will then Focus, Plan and Set Goals in ways that honor your natural way of doing business. Making money will become enjoyable, creative, playful, and profitable. We'll balance productivity and high performance with self-care that increases your aliveness.

  3. You will Heal Your Relationship with Money and Make Money Your Ally. By learning the simple tools to ignite your income, you'll also heal your family’s money legacy once and for all, and replace it with a new story and actions that create your brightest future and greatest freedom.

  4. We'll find the Heart of Your Marketing and design a marketing program that's right for you. What's most important is that you become irresistible to clients who value what you offer and feel honored to pay you. We do that by making sure your marketing is effective and experienced as a gift you give.

  5. We'll Re-define Sales in a way that allows you to be of Service, Expand Your Impact, and Keep Your Soul Intact (even if you hate to sell). Sales to me, is an invitation for a prospect to experience more freedom, flow and joy in their lives. There is a way to invite people that inspires them and feels exciting to you.

  6. You'll Develop an Online Presence that works for you. We'll do that by mapping out all the options. Then you can choose the priorities that are best for you. This takes the confusion out and the pressure off when deciding what to do next.

  7. You'll learn how to Engage Your Personal Magic so that manifesting your dreams becomes the way you live. To me, this is as important as learning how to market and sell. When we learn to manifest beyond what we thought was possible it's enlivening, exciting and joyful. That's the life I want for you.


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kathleen-sims-success-story-about-raising-prices-beyond-business-as-usaulKathleen Sims
Concord, CA

When I first committed to coaching, my goal was to increase my income, find new ways to market and learn to work smarter...all for which you are a great role model.

I actually accomplished all 3 goals in the first few months of coaching. However, the additional things I've gotten, (as if that's not enough!) have been the most significant.

I have not had the courage to raise my rates in 9 years. Last year, because of your encouragement and belief in the power of my work, I raised my rates twice. The net result is that I work 25% less hours and have increased my revenue by 75%. Mind boggling!!beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics

pat-jennerjohn-work-smarter-beyond-business-as-usual-testimonialPat Jennerjohn
Financial Planner
Oakland, CA
What was quite surprising to me was the resulting integration of my business and personal life. I was used to a corporate job, where I kept "busy" doing things that required skill and intelligence, but didn't reflect the true me - that was something that I returned to when I got home and pursued my "other life" as a human being. Now, I don't see a gap between what I do for a living and how I live - and that doesn't mean that I was turned into a workaholic. It means that all aspects of my life can now be meaningful - not only is work truly a source of joy, but I've found that my personal relationships have improved in quality, and my "fun" life (music, especially) is more integrated into both work and relationships.beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
Robyn Scherr testimonial on her experience with BBau brand marketingRobyn Scherr
Living In The Body
Lafayette, CA
You are simply the best at taking complex business and tech ideas and breaking them down into understandable and practical nuts and bolts I can put to work for me right now. Within two years, I built the most successful practice I’ve seen in this area. I never did take out a loan. I left the deadening comfort of my office job, showed a profit my first year, and am now exceeding my former salary while working half the hours.What surprised me most about the coaching process was the absolute ease and remarkable speed of my progress.beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
rebecca beardsly testimonial on her experience with BBau brand marketingRebecca Beardsley
Artist and Hair Stylist
Shine Forth
Oakland, CA
I have not only doubled my income, but have discovered what my purpose is in life and in business. This particular contribution has remained the same from as long as I can remember, but never had been articulated, not until I began working with you.Out of this I created promotional materials that represent me and my work therefore attracting the kind of clients I am interested in working with and charging rates that reflect my work.All this was possible because of the clarity, change and always deepening work that you are involved with in your own life and then share with your clients with great generosity. The skills and practices I have learned are instilled in me for life, for they have changed my life.beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
Zach Griffin testimonial on his experience with BBau brand marketingZach Griffin
Mortgage Broker / Branch Manager
LaSalle Financial
Oakland, CA
I am having the best year I have ever had. Finding my vision and speaking my vision was the difference. Starting off I thought, “Okay, yeah, right, speak my vision – these people don’t even know me.”I’m sure I was the only person calling with my vision, saying “Look, this is what I’m about, this is how I think business should be, and I want to work with you.” I avoided getting on the phone before because I thought there were already a million loan people calling. But when I called and spoke my vision, people called me back and said, “Yes, I’d like to work with you, too.”Generating business is not a struggle anymore. After six months of coaching with you I more than doubled my income. After a year it went up another 50% and continues to rise.Getting my vision made me feel more comfortable in asking for business – it was a heck of a lot easier getting on the phone to begin with. I guess the best indicator that my vision works is that I haven’t even made any prospecting phone calls in the last year; business has been mostly referrals from happy clients.beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
don-opatrny-successful-therapist-testimonial-beyond-business-as-usualDon Opatrny
Seymour, CT
My average monthly deposit before working with you was $5300. This month I deposited over $15,000! I nearly tripled my gross income in eight months! Now, a few years later, I am grossing $500,000 for the year. And most important, I am having the time of my life.beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
anna-marie-mchuge-learning-about-money-beyond-business-as-uaul-testimonialAnnmarie McHugh
Philadelphia, PA
I learned more about money & my relationship with money in one hour with Anne than I did in 30 years. She is one of the most authentic teachers I have EVER worked with..beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
rhoda-paul-beyond-business-coaching-testimonialRhoda Paul
Mortgage Broker
Oakland, CA
Working with Anne is like visiting the shrink, a psychic, an artist, a savvy financial planner, a marketing guru and a comedian all at the same time. She is sharp as a tack, cuts to the chase and always lets you know how valued you are.beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
kelly-kapsar-beyond-business-as-usual-freedom-around-money-testimonialKelly Kapsar
Craniosacral Practioner
Las Vegas, NV
Working with Anne has profoundly shifted the way I run my life and my business. I have such a sense of peace, freedom and grace around my money. self-care and working with people who are a fit with me. I no longer try to please everyone. also Thank you! I just love you and how you allow me my process while seeing me, and giving me more and more tools to stand in that authenticity and even fun! beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics

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