Rhoda Paul
Mortgage Broker
Oakland, CA
I have been constantly amazed at your ability to, with laser-like precision, get to the heart of an issue and do it with grace, humor and compassion. Never have I seen you step over anything or let me off the hook (as it were) yet never have I felt confronted in a manner that left me feeling anything other than honored and appreciated. I am deeply grateful for who you are and for having found my way to you. In each of our lives we all have heroes. You are one of mine. Bless you, Anne, for who you are and what you do.beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
Diane Sickmen
Allstate Insurance
Agent & Artist
Oakland, CA
Thank you for encouraging me to seek my freedom. Thank you for supporting my creative expression. Thank you for helping me build a strong business, and thank you for helping me discover that Permanent Prosperity (in addition to money) includes the Freedom to Choose and the Freedom to Dream!beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
Anasuya Basil
Nutritionist & CST
Chico, CA  
You have an approach that is unique and different, that allows ALL of who you are to be expressed in your business. I now know that I also can be ALL of who I am in my business. I used to think I had to sacrifice huge parts of my true self in order to earn a living but with your coaching I know I can express all of who I am and also be successful.beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
Jennifer Blaine
Coach, Actor, Comedian
Philadelphia, PA 
Anne Sagendorph-Moon is my favorite teacher. You will love her too! One of the things I so appreciate is her belief that each of our successes is an opportunity for the whole community to celebrate. In the time I have studied with her I have shifted from keeping a lid on my dreams to charging ahead, certain of my greatness and talents, and becoming a reminder to everyone in my life of what is possible for them too.

This year I grossed 3 times what I had when I first began studying with Anne. I am grateful to her. I love her dearly. I am so glad that I get to be with her as she builds this tremendous gift to the world, which is born out of her genius and grace.

She has devised a failsafe approach for not just surviving, but thriving, even in our current economic climate. You could try other approaches to changing your money, marketing and business, but none of them would care about you so deeply that the entire experience of your life is also improved. Make sure you check her out if you're ready to have great results and grace in your life.beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
Laura Basha, Ph.D.
International Consultant
Oakland, CA
One thing I always loved about you was that I felt like you had my back. I've had many coaches over time, all very good, but few gave me the feeling of comradeship, like we're in this together.  I think it's one of your gifts to those who choose you. 

If you are interested in finding a way to express your true voice in the area of business development, marketing, and/or web presence, Anne's passion, expertise, integrity, and commitment to your success are exceptional. I can highly recommend her as a transformational business coach and as an enlightened educator. Plus, she's hilariously empowering!beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
Rita Hovakimian
Certified Coach
San Francisco, CA
I feel the most powerful gift you have given me is your distinction on marketing. Marketing is now a gift I give to people vs. something I want to get from them. I have found enormous joy and satisfaction in marketing with this point of view; in addition I have gotten clients effortlessly.

During our work together I raised my coaching and consulting fees and changed my coaching structure with clients leaving them (and me) more fulfilled. You encouraged me to write what my conditions of satisfaction were for the caliber of clients I wanted to work with and lo and behold those clients showed up and the clients that did not meet the conditions completed their contracts. It has been a long time since I have said that I love working with ALL of my clients. I am truly inspired by their courage and success.beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
Susan Reynolds
SR Marketing, President
Walnut Creek, CA
In our vision work together, I began re-discovering my creative, artist-self and that has now taken root in a second "adventure" that feeds my soul and when I see it, pays me for blissful work. I love how my growth in photography brings together my intuitive and intellectual sides - and my passion for nature, art and sharing. And I love how I am finally realizing my dream of integrating my art with my business. The thing that touches me most about the process is that I am discovering freedom that I have not experienced since my youth. I am feeling both childlike at the wonder of creating exactly the life I want and powerfully mature at clearly knowing what I want.

Thank you for helping me re-discover the person, the artist and leader I was meant to be.beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
Kurt Bodden
Los Angeles, CA
You helped me define what I had to offer the world and to value it as a unique gift - and then convinced me that it was essential to share it with the world. As a result, I left a frustrating job and embarked on a new and fulfilling career. The fact that I've been making a living as an actor for four years now fills me with joy and pride, and people tell me that it has inspired them to make changes in their own lives and follow their dreams. Thank you, Anne.beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
Sheila A. Sabine
Prudential Real Estate
In my world of fax machines, voicemail and computers, your work has given me vision, heart, and authenticity. Through coaching with you I have created complementary business in staging homes for my clients as well as for other agents. 95% of all my staged homes sell within three weeks. This has led to media coverage in all the local papers as well as on CNN. Your work is invaluable. Through my work with you, miracles and breakthroughs to new ground happen for me daily.beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
Barry Klein
Prudential Real Estate
When I entered the coaching process with you, I was filled with frustration regarding my life and my business. As a result of our six years' coaching relationship, I am now one of the more productive agents in our local Prudential offices, my life has begun to work better than I had ever dreamed, and what was once negative energy of frustration has now given way to passionate energy for life. I attribute the turnaround to the following:

You guided me to integrate life with business. In doing so, I achieved a consistency through which my most powerful inner beliefs came into play in the context of my business. This strengthened my capabilities as a realtor by harnessing the power of my soul.

You showed me that by pinpointing and resolving personal issues in my life, I would achieve growth in both my personal life and my business.

You supported me in my quest for who I wanted to become in my field. This launched my pursuit of the commercial real estate business which now handsomely supports me.

You inspired me to remember others as I develop. Sharing my life's gifts with others has become a cornerstone of my business and of my life.

You assured me and reassured me that the universe is bountiful and abundant and conspires to make me healthy, happy and abundant. This in itself has turned me away from fear and towards peace and confidence.
I thank you most sincerely for the wonderful journey you helped me launch!beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
Kathleen Sims
Certain Solutions
These words of deepest gratitude have been on my mind and in my heart for some time. When I first committed to coaching, my goal was to increase my income, find new ways to market and learn to work smarter...all for which you are a great role model.

I actually accomplished all 3 goals in the first few months of coaching. However, the additional things I've gotten, (as if that's not enough!) have been the most significant.

I have not had the courage to raise my rates in 9 years. Last year, because of your encouragement and belief in the power of my work, I raised my rates twice. The net result is that I work 25% less hours and have increased my revenue by 75%. Mind boggling!! You kept saying, 'Work smarter, increase your income and have more time for fun!' I never thought it was possible!

Anne, words fall short of my profound feelings of gratitude for the blessings your presence in my life and your work have bestowed upon me.beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
Pat Jennerjohn
Financial Planner
Oakland, CA
What was quite surprising to me was the resulting integration of my business and personal life. I was used to a corporate job, where I kept "busy" doing things that required skill and intelligence, but didn't reflect the true me - that was something that I returned to when I got home and pursued my "other life" as a human being. Now, I don't see a gap between what I do for a living and how I live - and that doesn't mean that I was turned into a workaholic. It means that all aspects of my life can now be meaningful - not only is work truly a source of joy, but I've found that my personal relationships have improved in quality, and my "fun" life (music, especially) is more integrated into both work and relationships.beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
Robyn Scherr
CranioSacral Practioner
When I started coaching with you I was scared to pieces. I knew I had to start out on my own, and I knew what I wanted my business to look like. But I was at the very beginning stages and had no idea how to market or take care of myself. I was being told how difficult my task would be, how saturated the market was for my services, how much I'd need to take out in loans (for years) until I'd show a profit. When I saw your flyer, I was attracted to it like a lifeline.

Within two years, I have built the most successful practice I've seen in this area. I never did take out a loan. I left the deadening comfort of my office job, showed a profit my first year, and am now exceeding my former salary while working half the hours. I simply don't have the problems others in my field commonly encounter. And of course, what's now a given: I love what I'm doing.

What surprised me most about the coaching process was the absolute ease and remarkable speed of my progress. Bringing myself into alignment with my vision has been a tremendously affecting process. Your blend of empathy, compassion, and unveiled honesty encourages me to face all parts of myself and make peace inside me to bring about miracles in the world.

I am deeply grateful for this work with you, Anne. My core has been unearthed, repaired, and polished. I shine in my work and my personal life. I bring all of myself to my work, and find rather than feeling taxed from effort, I am invigorated: my energy and love is returned threefold, and my heart sings. When I'm not being true to myself, when I'm not following my path, it's clear to me and I have the skills to bring myself back into alignment.

It's wonderful to live my life so truly and deeply.beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
Liz Stevens
I want to thank you for your one day training. I must tell you that I was hesitant to sign up for yet another training, but you came so highly recommended by Mason McDuffie agents that I respect that I decided to attend. I also noticed the results that those agents had achieved as a result of your coaching.

I want to say that in one day, I got more insight into my business and my life, more tools to further the inquiry and more help than I could have imagined. What you do is profound. All of us were impressed and changed by the day we spent with you.

Please know that I will highly recommend you and your coaching to everyone I know and care about. Thank you again, Anne. I am grateful that you are out there doing what you do so well.beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
Nancy Moore
Pacific Union
Coaching has helped me find my heart and overcome fear. I found that by listening to others deeply and carefully I really heard them and their concerns. By listening to my heart I could tell the truth. I learned that I would attract people by being myself. People actually wanted to work with me because of who I was. It was very simple and it works.

What is still so surprising about coaching is that the result is usually immediate once my intention is clear. It is the way to create miracles on a daily basis.

Thank you Anne. I love coaching with you. You are a great coach and I truly enjoy being with you.beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
Rhoda Shasteen
Global Sales Education
Mary Kay Cosmetics
Our Sales Directors got skills that were tangible and could be put to use immediately. We look forward to working with Anne again in the near future.beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
Rebecca Beardsley
Artist and Hair Stylist
Shine Forth
Oakland, CA
I have not only doubled my income, but have discovered what my purpose is in life and in business. This particular contribution has remained the same from as long as I can remember, but never had been articulated, not until I began working with you.

Out of this I created promotional materials that represent me and my work therefore attracting the kind of clients I am interested in working with and charging rates that reflect my work.

All this was possible because of the clarity, change and always deepening work that you are involved with in your own life and then share with your clients with great generosity. The skills and practices I have learned are instilled in me for life, for they have changed my life.beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
Janet Lee Smith
When I met you, I was struggling to hold onto my dream against a tide of voices that said, 'It won't work. It can't be done.' After working with you, I am amazed that with almost no effort on my part, clients are now seeking me out for the very skills that were once not valued by those around me. You held the perfect balance between nurturing vision and practical business strategies. I will always be grateful for your support and insightful guidance.beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
Zach Griffin
Mortgage Broker
Holmgren Associates
After six months of coaching with you I more than doubled my income. After a year it went up another 50% and continues to rise. I started coaching at a down time of my business. I was definitely questioning whether I was in the right field. In the beginning of coaching, I worked with Anne to basically lay out what I wanted - and in less than a year into the process, I got it. It's kind of mystical. And it keeps getting better, I am having the best year I have ever had. Finding my vision and speaking my vision was the difference. Starting off I thought 'okay, yeah, right speak my vision - these people don't even know me.' Rather than just saying, hey, use me because I need to make money, or going through the basic questions. I now had a reason to call people and a compelling reason for them to use me.

I avoided getting on the phone before because I thought there already a million loan people calling. When I called and spoke my vision, people called me back and said, 'yes, I'd like to work with you, too.' I had to be vulnerable, because it is a little intimidating to speak about what you believe. But if you believe what you say, it is a lot easier than calling and giving some pre-canned sales pitch that is phony.

I would say that getting my vision made me feel more comfortable in asking for and getting business. It was also a heck of a lot easier getting on the phone to begin with, because I would think what am I going to say - how am I going to differentiate myself from the others. I'm sure I was the only person calling with my vision, saying; look this is what I am about, this is how I think business should be and I want to work with you. Generating business is not a struggle anymore. I have not made prospecting phone calls in the last year, because business has been mostly referrals.beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
Karen Starr
Realtor, The Grubb Co.
My income more than doubled within the first year of working with you and continues to rise. The journey of business does not have to be a lonely one where you have to figure it out alone. You are an extraordinary teacher who translates the esoteric with the practical. You teach in a way that is easy to understand and turns the difficult into the effortless and miraculous.beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
Liz Behrens
The Grubb Co.
I always thought you had to go by someone else's rules...beauty, business...you name it. I had to do it "their" way. What I claimed in this work with you was my kind of power. Not only am I closing transactions, I have future business in the pipeline!beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
Maureen Murphy
Oakland, CA
I am celebrating my Soul Vision session which I did recently! I say it's the Breath of Life for your Dreams. I now understand what Anne means when she says ‘Vision connects, benefits sell.

I could really feel the connection of my spirit to my vision. There is a palpable energy in my words now when I speak from my vision statement. When I was ready to deliver I knew the Soul Vision process would be the perfect midwife. Thank you Anne. It was so much fun!beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
Marguerite Croptier
Prudential Real Estate
Oakland, CA
Soul Vision is one of the best things I’ve ever done. All of my important marketing materials have come from it. I think it’s imperative that people go through this process with you.beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
Mike Drez
Executive Sales Director
Lindsay-Ferrari (now One Workplace)
This is deep, powerful stuff... unique in a world where most seminars are the same.beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
Mavis Delacroix
The Grubb Co.
My marketing work with you has transformed me. People are calling me back; suddenly clients are seeing me as someone they want to do business with. I am now projecting an income for the next six months that I previously projected for the year. 'Thank you' is too small to express my gratitude and joy.beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
Mary O'Connor
Director of Sales
Lindsay-Ferrari (now One Workplace)
I want to thank you again for presenting your Telephone Strategies seminar to our sales staff. Our salespeople left your seminar with renewed motivation to spend more time on the phone using the tools and techniques you presented. Most valuable to me was the discussion centered around speaking from the heart and one’s personal commitment. I highly recommend this training.beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics
Kathleen Sims
Certain Solutions
I have taught and taken hundreds of seminars and workshops. Taking these workshops burst the long-held belief that to be deep and make a difference, they need to be long hours. These workshops went to a deep place within me, created huge shifts in the areas of money, abundance, family, relationships and creating more joy in my life!

Participating in each of your different workshops along the way always gave me a quantum leap and a ton of insights in the way to effectively handle money and increase business. I was blown away how much impact they had in four short hours. The whole concept of 'get ahead of your money', changed my relationship and experience with money and my bills forever!'

The alignment of our philosophy and beliefs has given ease to my coaching. Your quick, laser insights as to the real issue at hand at the time has accelerated my process greatly. You pressed me often for more clarity of focus and vision, which has renewed my inspiration in promoting my work. Not to mention, prompted me to create a new, beautiful promotion packet.beyond-business-as-usual-entreprenuer-coaching-graphics