Many of you know that before I was a business coach and color & image consultant I was a Montessori teacher. I taught children 6 months to 6. It was such a joy to watch them blossom. I always laugh and say I am still a Montessori teacher the people are just taller!

So enjoy this video. Montessori always said, "work is constructive activity". In Montessori classrooms you notice the quiet joy and peace.


Beyond Business as usual


Sometimes I think we forget that our work as adults is supposed to bring an easeful peace and the experience of creative play. So take a moment to simply relax and enjoy a moment of inspiration and remember it is not about chasing after but enjoying the process as we learn and grow.

I've often said that being an entrepreneur is a spiritual path because you learn so much about yourself in the process. It's interesting to see children who naturally live in the process not the product. Of course as adults product is important. But the process to get there can be so much easier, peaceful and fun when we Relax rather than push.


Welcome to another way to Live Gracefully Free!

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"Working with Anne is like visiting the shrink, a psychic, an artist, a savvy financial planner, a marketing guru and a comedian all at the same time. She is sharp as a tack, cuts to the chase and always lets you know how valued you are."

Rhoda Paul, Mortgage Broker
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