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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver

Long before I was a business coach I was a Montessori teacher and trainer. When the children completed my program I made each of them a beautiful red clay heart with their name on it. I placed it around their neck and whispered in their ear: “You have everything inside you to make all your dreams come true.” I wanted them to hear that from at least one person in their life.

  • When was the last time someone said that to you?
  • When was the last time you whispered it to yourself and meant it?

“There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in.” - Graham Greene, The Power and The Glory

Finding the Heart of Your Vision

— how what makes you special lays the foundation for a business that inspires you, nourishes you, serves others, and sets you free.

Let me start with a bit about my personal childhood history.

I was born into one of those wildly dysfunctional southern families, and without going into a lot of detail, I'll touch on a few significant events that form the meaning and value of my work. It's a part of what makes me special-- just as you have some defining events that make you special and matter to you.

Between birth and 9 years old, I lived in 4 homes with 4 different families (even though they were part of my family and certainly loved me).The questions inside me were: "who am I, where do I belong, and how do I adapt and fit into this family I'm living with now?" Some kids dream about what they'll be when they grow up. Well, I was too busy trying to figure out how to fit in and please others. As you can imagine that was a full-time job for a little girl!

In the process of forgetting me, my needs and dreams, these questions gave me a lifelong passion – not just to remember and honor myself – but to help others to remember to dream and grow into their greatest selves.


From the thousands and thousands of people that I've coached or talked with, I have come to this conclusion: I think many of us try to adapt, fit in and find out "what they want" in order to survive. Even though your story might be more or less dramatic than mine, most of us search for who we are, why we are here, and how to contribute the value of what we've come here to give. Just as I am driven to help you discover what makes you special and then turn that into marketing and money that sets you free. You have something special that drives you. It tugs at your heart, waiting to be expressed - that's how you grow your business.

“What’s tugging at your heart?” What makes you special?

Has anyone taken the time to look with you lately?

“What makes us different makes us extraordinary.” – Helen Keller

Finding the Heart of Your Marketing — the power of your unique beauty, poetry, and soul make you stand out in any crowd and become guideposts for every decision you make, giving you a Natural Marketing Style that’s a touchstone of self-trust and self-confidence.

I love making money, like anyone else, but what really gets me out of bed in the morning is helping you discover what makes you special.

When you discover why you’re here and how to translate that into the value you’ve come to give others – you’ll have a lot more fun getting up in the morning too!

In my work with clients, when we delve deeper in the heart of their vision, we find something both striking and beautiful—what I call your Soul Vision. —your unique solution- your medicine for the world. As you fulfill that vision you not only heal your heart…you heal the heart of business, and even more important, you help the world heal.

Your Soul Vision is something that you carry in your heart from the time you were born. It’s your deepest yearning to express and to make the world better than you found it.

Your Soul Vision leads you straight to the core of your marketing message, that best expresses your beauty, poetry, and soul. And it attracts your most appreciative clients. Learn more

Sales become a channel to inspire new possibility in those you serve, and your Internet presence not only keeps you in front of your audience, it honors people as human beings rather than simply objects of profit. Selling, at its best, supports sincere personal connection and interaction.

With your Soul Vision firmly fixed in the heavens as your “true North Star,” now we set out to uncover your Natural Marketing Style—colors, design motifs, visual concepts, copy writing, and formats—that you will learn to express with confidence in every aspect of your business.

Using your Natural Marketing Style, you communicate and run your business in ways that follow your Natural Movement, express your Unique Genius, and honor your True Nature. You will leave perfection behind. You get to be you. That makes attracting money a lot easier.

What, you may ask, is your Natural Marketing Style? To put it simply:

  • Some people are light and animated. Their gift is to bring ideas, inspire possibility, and fun is a necessity;
  • Others are soft and subtle, they need to connect deeply and run their business in a relaxed way;
  • Others are rich and dynamic, driven and determined to produce results;
  • Yet others are bold and striking, here to be their own authority, with an ability to perfect.

Why is this even important? Most (if not all) business-building programs are created from a dynamic, results-producing, masculine perspective. It works for some people, but others feel like a deer in the headlights! Most programs teach you how to be more successful by doing more. I teach you how to do less, make more money, and most important: Live a life that’s Gracefully FREE!

I believe the hardest thing to do is be someone you are not, and so I honor and help each of my clients develop marketing and grow their business from the distinct strengths and talents they were born with.

We all produce results. The ways we go about it are different, yet valid.

Can you see that if you constantly try to be someone you’re not, or think you have to do it “their” way, you may feel like you’re beating your head against the wall? More importantly, can you see how doubt might creep in, make you think your way is "wrong," and make attracting money harder?

This we have to change. There are many different ways/paths to succeed in business.

I promise you this: Knowing your Soul Vision and Natural Marketing Style, using your True Voice and expressing your unique Beauty, Poetry, and Soul, is the fastest shortcut to growing a joyful business and realizing financial peace and freedom.

  • Imagine a website that mirrors you and your unique style and taste—in your best, most fabulous suit or outfit, on one your best days ever.
  • Imagine a newsletter that oozes/radiates/reflects your personal charm and your unique sense of purpose, humor, and care.
  • Imagine making inspired, first-time telephone calls to prospective clients, leaving a delightful and engaging phone message—that your ideal clients will hear, grin, and call you back.

The results? You become delightfully irresistible to those Ideal Clients who've been waiting for you. They will recognize you and seek you out. And, they will be exactly the people you can’t wait to get out of bed and work with!

How easy is it to apply your Soul Vision and Natural Marketing Style? Very. It’s easy because it’s exactly who you are. In a simple phrase: vision connects and benefits sell.

At a deeper level, when you let your Soul Vision and Natural Marketing Style lead you, you will find a short cut to financial freedom and, even more important, to fulfilling your destiny.

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“We wildly underestimate the importance of the tiniest personal touch” – Tom Peters

How do I help you grow your business?
Finding the Heart of Your Sales: feel the joy of real service and step onto the path of good fortune, endless supply, and money as a source of peace, freedom, and creativity.

My Story

I used to make $4500 a month and to be honest I thought I was stuck there for the rest of my life. It felt like a mystery I couldn’t solve. Frustrating? You bet.

And then I created a way of marketing that felt so true to myself (and felt so easy) that I doubled my income in a month and a half and tripled it three months later.

I went from $4500 to $9000 to $13000 and then from there to $20000 + a month.That was in 1995.

Since 1997 I have worked less than 10 hours a week, two weeks a month. Over the last 3 years when the recession was running rampant, I took time off to create and birth new work…and here is the most important part: I had the money to take 3 years off! It’s not just about doing more business all the time. Sometimes it’s the freedom NOT to do business, to catch your breath and still have more than enough money to thrive, create, and live your life. If I can do it you can too!


If vision connects and benefits sell, then Sales begins with the heart of our vision. We ground it with the tangible results and benefits our clients can count on when they work with us. When you know your Natural Marketing Style you will discover simple ways of selling and enrolling that feel easeful and true to you.

In a world of high tech, all of us are hungry for real personal connection. Sales at its best, is being of service. There is no need for manipulation. You don’t need to feel sleazy, and you don’t have to scare people in order to get them to buy. You and your prospect can feel good at the end of an interaction whether they buy or not. It is a conversation that honors you both.

Selling with integrity begins with appreciation, connection, and respect. It offers new possibilities that inspire, inform, and invite the other person into something that makes their life better - whether it be a new home, a seminar, or having bodywork done.

When you learn this simple, step-by-step model of selling, you will be able to duplicate successful sales over and over, with ease and peace, and actually have fun doing it. Joyful selling is the aim here. It will uplift your spirit, satisfy your soul and put money in your pocketbook in a consistent, congruent way.

“We don't want everyone to like what we do. We want 10% to love it” – Laurie Cutler

Finding the Heart of Your Online Presence: Step out of overwhelm and into your own power of choice. Express the true voice of your beauty, poetry, and soul. Use this exceptional, high-tech tool to create a unique place, where people can discover, visit, converse, and work with you - whether you are ‘on the clock’ or not.

I know the feeling of being overwhelmed by the latest tech trend, sitting at your computer all day trying to figure it all out (like a foreign language you just can’t understand) and feeling like you’re behind and you’ll never catch up.

I was one of the truly, un-tech-savvy people on the planet, and I successfully integrated tech into my marketing so it’s seamless and push-button. It has made my business life a dream! And believe me, if I can do it, so can you.

With your Soul Vision and Natural Marketing Style in place, you will be able to make educated technology choices. You’ll find what fits best for you, from your website, to email marketing, to social media. You’ll be able to choose an online presence that keeps you in front of people in ways that feel congruent and fun!

Marketing is about being consistent. If you don’t like it you won’t do it (take it from someone who’s tried it all). When you honor yourself and the choices that feel the best to you, you will honor your prospects in the same way. Your online marketing will feel like a gift to you and to them. You will naturally make more money and feel gracefully free.

“Our business is to be happy.” – His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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Finding the Heart of Your Money — Leave your past behind and step into a loving relationship with money that nourishes you and holds your greatest future of freedom, good fortune, and endless supply.

I vividly remember...

walking down the street in Lexington, Kentucky on a warm summer day in June. I was 9 years old and my Dad said: “Save your money.” There was fear in that voice, and I became a very good saver!! I also excelled at fear.

As an adult, I used to notice that no matter how good I was feeling, a little undercurrent of fear regularly ran through my body when the word money was mentioned. I would try to think positively, but really, I was feeling scared! I used to actually wonder if I would ever NOT have that feeling. Was I born with it?

One of the things I did when feeling particularly frustrated or despairing about money issues was pick up a book that I hadn't yet read — and I had a library of money-related books you? — or go to a workshop. Each time, I hoped the experience would offer the magic insight that would allow me to break through my fear.

I would walk out of the workshop or finish reading the book feeling hopeful and confident, and then I'd step back into my own world and wonder where all that power and good intention had gone! I couldn't sustain it on my own. I tried to remain positive, while noticing the old familiar feelings of anxiety and fear creeping back into my mind and body. Then I would take out the mental hammer to try to beat back the anxiety and wonder,"What in the world is wrong with me? " I would put more pressure on myself, and suddenly notice that I had stopped breathing. No flow there!


Have you ever had those experiences? Are you committed to creating a worry-free relationship with money and prosperity?

If you are ready to experience joyful momentum and a new level of creative expression in your life and your business, here’s how we’ll do it:

Everyone’s got a money story, and most of us live with an outdated one. The thought of money invokes all kinds of unwanted feelings like fear, anxiety, worry, inadequacy, and struggle. What if you could create a new money story that set you free?

Most of us inherit our money stories: they’re written out of our families’ struggles, doubts, and disappointments.

Generations of disappointment and loss leave us with a deep-seated fear and anger toward money that lives just beneath the surface, hindering our confidence and our success.

What we don’t realize is that the stories we tell ourselves about money (even deep in the back of our minds) determine the relationship we have with money. Your relationship with money is no different than any other relationship in your life: it needs tending and acknowledgment.

Just as we update our wardrobe, our money consciousness needs updating too. I often ask people if they would wear the same shoes they did when they were 5 years old. And they laugh and say of course not!

And yet, we will go into business or start a career with the same money consciousness we inherited from our families as children...then wonder why success doesn't come quickly, peacefully or easily!

Letting go of your old relationship with money allows you to write a new money story, a story full of power, joy, satisfaction, and most of all…FREEDOM!

Together, we’ll write your New Money Story. We’ll find your way to make money your ally once and for all. In the process, you will heal your own heart, feel authentically whole, and engagingly irresistible.

You will be gracefully free.

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